I've just installed netbeans, cause I found out I need to work with C and windows doesn't allow the use of pid_t and fork(). Awesome Job, Gates. Anyway I've found this pretty compiler which is NetBeans. In pair with cygwin it should work out all the C stuff I need.
I've fought a while to make it compile, but now I get the error when I try to debug the HelloWorld project. In the console I get the message: blablabla (various paths) error while loading shared libraries: ?: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory. Googling a bit, I've found out that I've not changed the Enviroment Variables as reccomended by netbeans site. I don't trust to change the Path variable... I created a new one instead, but I don't know how I should connect it with the IDE.
Should I change Path? How can I correct the error?
Thank you

I also changed the Path as they told, but nothing changes: it compiles but wouldn't run. Always same error: What's wrong?!?

I know this thread is a few days old, but maybe you haven't figured it out yet. After adding the path to the cygwin bin folder to your environment variables, make sure to restart Netbeans. Also, I'm guessing you used 'setup.exe' to install cygwin. When it takes you to which packages you want to install, everything is set to 'Default.' Make sure to click on the 'Devel' package so it says 'Install.' With everything set to default, the development package isn't included for some reason... Hope this helps.