I'm having this problem in my code that I just can't figure out the reason to, I'm trying to set an integer value to an integer variable that's a member of a class that is part of an array member of another class.
It should be an int = int, same type of variable, and should work.
However, it produces this error, which I think means that the value on the left of the '=' is not recognized of the correct type, though, I can't be sure, as MSDN is really foggy about this, and I haven't quite found anything similiar happening to anyone on a Google search for it.

This is the way it's built:


template <class T>
inline std::string to_string (const T& t);

class Project{
	friend class Map;

	list<Map> maps;
	list<Map>::iterator it;


public ref class MProject{
	Project * _p;


class Map{
	friend class Tile;

	//An array of the tiles the map consists.
	Tile *tile;

	//Provides easy access to the matrix format of the map.
	//x and y are to be entered by tiles and not by pixels.
	Tile getTile(int x, int y);

	Map::Map(int width, int height);
	Map::Map(list<Map>::iterator it);

public ref class MMap{
	Map * _m;
	MMap(int width, int height);

The following are the functions that seem to be the main attraction for errors, however, in actuality, they haven't seemed to produce any yet.
//Returns the tile at the given x and y positions.

Tile Map::getTile(int x, int y){
	return this->tile[(16*y*this->xTile*16)+(x*16)];
//Initializes the dynamic array to the size given by the constructor.
Map::Map(int width, int height): tile(new Tile[width*height])
	this->xTile = width;
	this->yTile = height;


class Tile{
	int x, y;
	//0 = Solid, 1 = not solid - pass under, 2 = not solid - pass over.
	int solid;
	//Position of the tile on the chipset.
	int CPosX;
	int CPosY;
	bool passDir[4];

ref class MTile{
	Tile * _t;

This is the line I'm getting the error at:

project._p->it->getTile(x, y).CPosX = panel2->Location.X;

So, as you can see, CPosX and X in this line are both integers, so why am I getting this error? Or am I misinterperting the reason for the error?

I would really like for some assistance on this issue.

Thanks for any and all helpers.

I'm not sure I'm following the intent of this very well. The reason for the error is that the compiler cannot use a pointer as a physical location for storage of an int.

The function Map::getTile() looks like it's really returning a pointer to a Tile and this is probably the key to your problem.

When you call getTile, you get a newly created value of type Tile. Your statement

project._p->it->getTile(x, y).CPosX = panel2->Location.X;project._p->it->getTile(x, y).CPosX = panel2->Location.X;

calls getTile to obtain such an object, then changes the CPosX member of that object, and finally throws the object away. Fortunately, C++ doesn't let you do that; because if it did, you'd never find your problem :-)

I am guessing that you want to make your getTile function return a Tile& rather than a plain Tile.

Thank you both for the answers, I tend to mess up pointers alot for some reason D:

It works now, thanks alot.