Hi all,

I am new to C# and database programming and am currently trying to work on a simple billing application that will charge users based on their user type (guest or member) and number of hours selected. I understand a database is needed for this. My question is, how do i go about coding and carrying out the billing? The layout of my app is as follows:

Windows Forms:
Form1.cs (To select the User, I.e Guest 01 and the duration of usage, I.e 1,2,3,etc. from numberic up down list)
Cashier.cs (To handle billing and charges of the selected user in Form1)

Access 2007 DB:
(Do i need anymore tables other than the above 2?)

Any help will be greatly appreciated, cheers! :)

I understand a database is needed for this.

Do not always assume this is so! It entirely depends on what the user of your application wants.
Perhaps you should read something about database design?
As for your forms application, different other strategies are possible:
What about a BillingForm with a button New User, which calls a Modal Dialog style InputForm?