I'm currently using a combo box to select one of many alternatives. From 5 alternatives only 1 works, when i click on any other it gives me the following error:

"Cannot bind to the property or column 'xyz' on the DataSource.Parameter name: dataMember"

Why is this error caused?
What are the possible solutions to this error?

Thank you

Re: Combo box error 80 80

How ur binding data to combobox?

Re: Combo box error 80 80

How to autolist the items of combo box while typing

Re: Combo box error 80 80

Hi Devanadhan,

U need to use autocomplete source and autocomplete mode property of combo to do that.

And plz start new thread dont post is some one else post

Re: Combo box error 80 80

I got the error, i had made a change in one of my tables.
Thats why the error was caused.
Thank you all.

Re: Combo box error 80 80

Plz mark the thread as solved

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