Hi ,

I have 2 images and one on button and another one as a label i want that when label image comes on button so it show the transparent part of image , i have made this code but in this the transparent part is hide .

Here is my code

import fcntl, sys
    import sys
    import Skype4Py
    import functools
    import os
    import time
    from Tkinter import *
    import Image
    import ImageTk

    root = Tk()
    pic2a_dest = "pic2a.png"
    pic2a_open =Image.open(pic2a_dest)
    pic2a_handle = ImageTk.PhotoImage(pic2a_open)
    button1 = Button (root , image = pic2a_handle)

    pic1a_dest = "pic1a.png"
    pic1a_open =Image.open(pic1a_dest)
    pic1a_handle = ImageTk.PhotoImage(pic1a_open)
    label1 = Label (root , image = pic1a_handle)