Hello mates,
    I was wondering if in that vast amount of knowledge floating around here if any of you knew how I could save an image using Python 3.x. I know that PIL is a great, and easy option for Python 2, but I assume there must be some way to do this with 3. Ideas?

In the mean time I'm committing a horrible offense by assuming the user won't mess with the location of their image files "and that they only use gifs but that's another story altogether" and doing:

###Save Image###
        contact_image={self.name1.capitalize(): self.file1}

where pics is a dictionary of the key "names" and their respective getfilename() locations "also know as self.file1 in this case"

are jpg images completely unsupported for tkinter without PIL?

Until now I have been satisfied to code for PIL in Python 2

Well if you do ever get one of these up and running let me know how you did it, it looks like I might need to compile the C files or something along those lines

For all searching for this I found a GREAT source for Python 3 PIL with easy installation and confirmed operational http://www.lfd.uci.edu/~gohlke/pythonlibs/#pil

Test notes:
running on windows vista
running in tkinter on python 3.2.2
jpeg support confirmed using ImageTk.PhotoImage

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