Hello mates,
    I was wondering if in that vast amount of knowledge floating around here if any of you knew how I could save an image using Python 3.x. I know that PIL is a great, and easy option for Python 2, but I assume there must be some way to do this with 3. Ideas?

In the mean time I'm committing a horrible offense by assuming the user won't mess with the location of their image files "and that they only use gifs but that's another story altogether" and doing:

###Save Image###
        contact_image={self.name1.capitalize(): self.file1}

where pics is a dictionary of the key "names" and their respective getfilename() locations "also know as self.file1 in this case"

Well if you do ever get one of these up and running let me know how you did it, it looks like I might need to compile the C files or something along those lines

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