I've got a job interview coming up and was wondering if people would be so kind to help me with some revision for the interview.

It's it a programming role(surprisingly) so would be greatful if people would post the questions they have been asked or ask in job interviews.

The job interview is for c++ and the other languages i know are c# and java so questions on any of these would greatly help me out.

Many thanks in advance.

I don't really see how this would help. Either you know the material or you don't. A thread of interview questions won't change that. You might get lucky and be asked a question that shows up in this thread, but that's kind of like sleeping with the textbook under your pillow before a test.

I don't expect a question that someone post to happen in my interview. It's mainly to find out the type of questions that might be asked because I've not had many programming interviews.

I was asked to write a linked list in straight C, where each element contained an integer and a pointer to the next one.