Iam using graphics.h header file for the first time.plz tell me how the following program is written:
write a program to print "Hello world" three times in different colors and fonts with yellow background colour using graphics.plzzz give me the answer.

This is generally platform specific. You haven't specified what platform you are using and whether or not you intend on using existing libraries or not.

He's using a 20 year old compiler that has a header file called "graphics.h", the compiler he's using probably produces 16 bit executables and supports non-standard C++.

Ahh the amazing Turbo C++, it's still used in universities, typically in India. Though, this poster's profile says Pakistan.

I would recommend OP use a newer compiler, and not pay for courses that use that compiler. Wasting money, IMO.

that's old school visual studio 5.0 i remember doing that in highschool

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The simple answer is to not use <graphics.h> since no one uses that at all. You can always change the text color using \E[. I'm not sure how you change the console background, but I would assume it's a similar command.