i'd like some help cause i'm new to assembly language
i have this program in c and i have to convert it to assembly language

int R[100];
char S[100,100];

int process(int rows) {
int i;

for (i=0;i<rows;i++) {
if (tmp==0) return i;

return i;

this function processes a 2x2 matrix char S and finds the length of the strings that exists in each row.a string in C language end with the byte 0.the result is stored in table R. use registers where you can.thnx for help

Hi...i am also new to assembly code... And i dont know the answer for your question... But i have a similar question?...

that in turbo c the compiler converts c coding to 8086 assmebly format right?..
how can i view the 8086 assembly code for c program?...

If u know answer me... thank u...