When I was making my most recent youtube video, I tried to do the following to define a string of bytes..

jmp .game
 win_msg db "You win!",0

but was greeted with compile errors saying that the label '.game' did not exist... I KNOW that it's possible to do this as I do it on the initial startup, so does anyone have any idea why it might not be working?

Specs: Intel processor, nasm16

This is not really a true problem as I found a way around it, I'm just very curious as to WHY it didn't work.

My video, the problem can be seen around 3:00..

I didn't find a direct explanation for this in the NASM documentation, but it seems as though local labels must be declared before being used. I could not find a parameter which indicates how many passes NASM should take. The documentation says NASM is multi-pass by default.

I typed your code and tested assembled it. If you change .game to game, then your code assembles.