I can compile my programs easily using MS C++ but I just installed Borland C++BuilderX and I cant compile... <sigh> It's ghosted out.

// my program
#include <iostream>

int main()
std::cout << "Hello World!\n";
return 0;

This is what I'm doing...

1: Execute C++BuilderX
2: Click new
3: Click Source File
4: Click New C file
5: I type in above Hello World program

I go to Make Project and everything is ghosted..... wont let me compile <sigh>

Anyone know what I'm doing wrong ?

IIRC, C++ Builder requires you to create a project for the file to be a part of before you can build it. Though I don't recall the steps to do it, they should be similar to what you're doing with the added step of first making a project.

I'm trying that but all the "Project" options are ghosted out... why make this program so difficult ??? "AAaggghhhh !!!"

It comes with my SAMS "Teach yourself C++ in 24 hours" book. I followed the steps in the book and I get the same result.

<edit> I opened up an existing project within the program... it's working for now... I will post back if I run into some problems.. <sigh>

Still annoying... that I cant figure out how to start a "fresh" project

>I'm trying that but all the "Project" options are ghosted out...
That's because you don't have a project, silly. The "Project" options are for working with the current open project. Since they're inactive, that means you don't have an active project. Go to File, then New, and there should be something like "New project" there.

Okay... I went to bed after trying to figure it out. I thought I might be tired or something... I'll post back and let u know how it turned out. Thanks...

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