Hi, I have a vb6 program who access an 97 access database.

everything works fine when I put the database files into the shared harddrive (we put it as Z:\)
It is running very very slow...
I dunno why is it happening, it works really fine if I put them in app.path in the single computer.

I put a lot of insert and update query though.. so it is very logical if it is getting slower.

What can I do to improve the speed? If I really need to update my database, please lead me where to go :(

thanks a lot

I think your case is hardware dependent.

You need to check the server and the LAN.

Also check how much overloaded is your LAN because of other services.

yup, that's very true.
It runs with no problem in core duo processor.

But then, my colleague who only get old computer won't be able to share the luxury.
If I use any other database, will it be any better?

You need to upgrade the hardware, that would be better option than changing the DB.

Also look at your external drive's speed, that can also cause slower prosessing speeds if it is a slow drive. As per Das, your Lan speed (transfer rate speed) is also VERY important, especially sending and receiving data. Another thing to look at is your database, Access is known for slowing down over a LAN connection, especially with multiple users. It can only handle up to 5 users interacting with the database at a time. The problem is that it does not stack commands to finish what it is doing, it actually drops the requests, hence the move to MySql, Sql etc, which has the stack feayure as standard to ensure that no data is dropped.