Hi everyone here..

Currently i m doing my project which i needed codes for receiving sms by PC using vb6.

I would like to knOw if there is any expert who have the codes..

if there is..can send the codes to mi..

thanks alot...

I have been trying so many forums..but not many people reply...

hOpe i can get help here...



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Doing it in pure VB won't be that simple.
You could receive them via an attached GSMmodem/phone or you could receive them via a SMPP(network) connection.

Personaly I would NOT try to do this in pure VB, I would use an existing component for this. There is toolkit called "SMS and Pager Toolkit" from ActiveXperts that is able to do both (via "modem" and via the network).
For SMPP there are other controls that should be able to do this too, for example the SMPP component from nsoftware.

(I'm not related to any of the 2 mentioned companies!)


This will only work IF you have a MAPI compliant mailsystem that has an SMS gateway installed (and that it accepts "numbers" as being addresses).

hello im also trying develop similar program. iam able to send sms but unable to receive msgs or retrieve messages from inbox.

any advice?

thank you in advance!

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