Hello guys,

I need help to divert an application's traffic to a different IP (localhost for example).

I heard that this can be added by making the application support sock5? maybe am wrong.. but I just need to divert an application's traffic to my local proxy server.


iExplorer -> my server -> the webpage it's trying to acces -> my server -> iexplorer

hope i'm being clear :)

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Do you want to make a proxy or are you trying to intercept the traffic before it's 'seen' by the application requesting the data? First easy, second requires rewriting the windows TCP stack.

second maybe?

well the application has the outgoing data, i just dont want it to go straight to google.com (for example.) i want it to go thru my localhost SSH for tunneling at a different port.

so its more like adding a proxy option to internet explorer.. I mean internet explorer already supports proxy'ing.. but other applications doesnt.

bump... any help?

I want to implement my own ProxyCap / Proxifier / FreeCap / SocksCap... anywhere to start? just what the topic is called maybe?

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