Hi there, I've started having issues with a certain website (http://www.deviantart.com/), and was wondering if anyone could help me.

A few days ago I started getting "Server Not Found" messages on random pages, and then throughout the day they spread to the rest of the site, so now I can't access it at all.

It's not a problem with the website itself, everyone I've talked to has had no problems accessing it.

I can't access it on any web browser (I've tried Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome), even after deleting my web history and cookies.

It won't work on either my laptop (which is a Vista) or my desktop (which is an XP).

I uninstalled my antivirus and still could not access it.

I ran CCleaner with no effect.

This is the only website that's having issues. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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you should check it out again because i had no problem accessing the website, maybe the server was down.

If not try removing all cookies and cache then try again.

Check the following:

- Is your firewall or router blocking it?

- Is your ISP blocking it because of spam?

- Is the site larger than your internet cache space?

- If you are at work, has your employer blocked it?

just uninstall ur firefox or internet explorer and re install agn r install new version firefox


I tried everything suggested with no change. As I'd said before, the website was not down, I was on the phone with a friend who could access it while I could not.

Oddly, someone suggested unplugging the internet connection entirely and plugging it back in, and that seemed to fix it. I have no idea how that worked, though.

Thanks for all the suggestions! Problem fixed!

If server is not found then there is a problem connecting to a website, try opening a website in another browser.If you are using a wireless connection, make sure that you are connected to the right access point. I think that there is a problem with your ISP/IP address or the server you are trying to reach, you have been blocked their somehow, and when you IP Address is seen trying to connect, it won't allow it.

I am having the same problems on a laptop & a desktop. One is XPPRO and one is WIN7. Linksys thinks it is my router but when connected to modem only, it has done it several times since. Sometimes retry will work...sometimes not. Very frustrating. As of July 3rd it was fine and has been since connecting the wireless router in Nov 09.aauugghh!

I found this post while searching on google as from last 2 days when i try to open a site i regularly visit getpaidcentral.com my ff browser displays server not found then i thought the site must be down and tried to open Yahoo.com to check my emails then also it shows server not found error i tried to open yahoo.com many time and all the time ff returns the same error, i got frustrated and clicked the refresh button 10-15 times suddenly i got connected to Yahoo.com i thought it might be my internet connection problem and tried to open gpt site and again ff shows server not found error so i clicked the refresh button 10-15 times and then got connected to getpaidcentral.com

Can anyone tell me what has happened to my ff browser i using internet in such a manner is a headache for me. Kindly help me out if anyone from here knows why this happened.

Sorry for writing such a long boring message. I thought writing this way will make my problem clear to you all.

Their suggestion was really pretty good and also there's a chance
that you can solved it with their idea.

"Server Not Found" is like, can't connect to the site you want to go,
it is also cause by no connection or internet at all.

But Sir, if you check all of those and still can't connect.
The last reasons for that is your "Local Security Policy" or let say's,
someone or something is blocking your command. Like Malware, Adware or
maybe a Virus. If you have some anti-software installed, maybe they fix
your computer but the policy did not reset to original.

Source: "scedit.sdb"

How to Create New Local Security Policy. (Follow my instruction sir)
1. Rename old security file: SCEDIT.SDB to SCEDIT.OLD
You can find that file in "C:\WINDOWS\security\Database"
You can automatically open this folder by clicking the
START -> RUN then type "%systemroot%\security\database" then enter.
(w/o quotation)

2. START -> RUN then type "mmc" then enter (w/o quotation)
a new window name console1 will pop-up

3. From Menu click File then "Add/Remove Snap-In" then click "Add"

4. Look for "Security Configuration and Analysis" click "Add"
then "Close", then "OK".

5. Select that "Security Configuration and Analysis"

6. From Menu click "Action" then "Open Database".

7. Type in Filename "scedit.sdb" w/o quotation, then click "Open"

9. From Menu again click "Action" then "Configure Computer Now"

10. Then lastly Exit and save.

Now, please check your Internet Browser.

dude, there's no step 8.

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