can any one help me about my project.... how to code data from excel export to access..

What is the project ?

What is the code that you are working on ?

Yo need to show effort to get help from our experts.

Follow this link. It covers the exact same question. Have a look at the attachment which is a small project I did for another member a while back.

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Dim dbmain, dbexcel As Database
Dim rc01 As Recordset

Private Sub Form_Load()
Set dbmain = DBEngine.Workspaces(0).OpenDatabase("c:\convert\dbdata.mdb")
Set dbexcel = DBEngine.Workspaces(0).OpenDatabase("c:\convert\xldata.xlsx")

Set rc01 = dbmain.OpenRecordset("datasheet")
Set rc02 = dbexcel.OpenRecordset("colsheet")
End Sub

" the project is something like this "

every day i received a file from other department
then i want to encode in my data base...

i cannot go further to my code coz it error..

the error was... RUN-TIME ERROR '3343'

Unrecognized database format 'c:\convert\xldata.xlsx'

I am using DAO but if there is something better i heartily accept to my challenge..

pls help me...

Thanks for marking this as solved.:)
Your reply though, is this a new question?