Hi all,

I don't know if this is possible, but I am needing to upload a file in one of my delphi programs.

The program stores and displays events that are happening. The program will be used between 5 people all at different locations. When the program runs, it checks the ftp server if any new events have been added. If so, then the program downloads them and updates the files.

I'm wanting the program to upload the data files to the ftp server if they have added any events to the program. This procedure will be done when the program is just about to be closed.

Could someone help me out please


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hi - depending on the version of delphi you have, the indy components may be installed. if not you can get em from their site. the indy (internet direct) suite is a set of components that allow you to do network stuff, they include a ftp server component and an ftp client component. both are fairly straightforward to use and a quick google (or search on koders.com) will probably uncover some tutorials/snippets


maybe u can learn about indy 10...at delphi.....

the ideea is good, but don't open posts from 2005

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