Hi everyone

Im trying to take my SQl and "SCRIPT" it to a .sql file(accomplished) and add it to my Delphi(accomplished) and then connect them and show the data in a TDBGrid but seem to be battling. The .sql file adds and creates the Database in delphi but I don't know how to use it!? Screen-shot attached to demonstrate the problem.

Kind regards & many thanks

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Ive also tried adding a database as an attached file using the string builder of a CDSADOQuery by it throws an Error an says the OS failed System ERROR 5 (Access denied)??


I'm using "SQL Server Management Studio" that's were i design the database, the goal is to make it work on another computer most likely with the same database.


Hi all - highjacking this thread a little here, but seems the original poster has had his issue sorted.
Im New to Embarcadero® Delphi® 2010 - I have a sql Db running on my account at my ISP.
I Want to write a programme that will interface with that SQL database, performing all the usual actions, add, alter, delete etc.
What object/s should I be looking at or How do I make that connection.

If you could point me to the object or information resource that would be very helpful.

thank you


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