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Hello Everyone,

I'm supposed to do RDBMS project using vb6.0 or vb.net.. any suggestions??

I Suggest VB6, unless it will be iNet aware.

Plus just overall easier to code. without all the new and extra stuff you may never use for the project.


Any topics if you can suggest??!? I'd be glad.......

Relationalize a small catalog of something from the past.
Like I did.

You could catalog The Beatles Collection. Maybe put them into categories such as Albums, Singles, Extended Plays, record picture sleeves,7" 33rpm's, collector shirts, collector jackets etc.

I program with subject matter and target in mind.
My subject was Detroit music.
reason: during the 60's in the U.S. race issues were an everyday factor and many caucasian teens were forbidden to play 'race' music. So they either listened to it secretly or hid the records that they bought.

My target was Baby boomers
reason: they were those teens. Now they have the 'disposable'/extra cash and time, they can enjoy them without 'Parents' saying no.

email me at meATkegtapper.net (replace AT w @) and you can see the site of end result.


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