Hi there.

I want to create a program on windows 7(32bit) that can rename photos based on date and time taken in meta data. I would like it to have a user interface window where users can simply drag photo files onto the scrollList.. then a button that executes a main function and rename files listed in the window..

I have written a command based script in python but i would like to ask you which program/compiler/IDE I should be using to create such program in C++. I'm quite new to C++ and GUI programming, and appreciate any feedbacks.

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There are probably quite a few articles about drag-and-drop. Here is one you might find interesting, its a little old now but probably still relivant. It might be a lot easier if you used CLR/C++ or C# and .NET framework. I'm assuming Microsoft has made drag-and-drop programs easier to do with .NET.

hi there thank you for your response.

what program(s) should I use to design UI and write main code?

You mean what compilers?? If you want to use CLR/C++ then start with VC++ 2010 Express (free).

ah cool that's what I already have installed!

I need to study how to create UI in VC++ express.

Do you know any good sites regarding writing UIs in VC++?

thank you.

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