Dear Friends:

I have a few questions. First, I want to say I am using Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express.

1. When creating a class, should it be in the main file? I assumed it was in the header files folder of the project. Maybe I am making this process too difficult.

2. When creating a class using the "add" , "new" by right clicking on the header file folder, do you want to select "header" or "class"? I have created my class as a (example) "dateType.h". When I do this, it appears my identifiers are being declared in the main file.

I just recently discovered the ability to create a class, by selecting "class" when clicking on the "add", "new", but I have not had any success with it. Your thoughts?



In general header files are where you describe the class/methods, the class file is where you actually implement the class/methods.