I need help!

My project in vb isn't opening! When trying to open my project its saying it is in binary format and cannot be loaded in VB6!!! I don't have backup of the changes i made today..!! Please help me!
It happened due to power failure. But my work was saved.

I tried to open the forms from my project folder but its opening some old forms! and some forms aren't opening.

Can anyone tell me how to retrieve my project! :sad:

Can you post the exact error message you are getting when you are attempting to open your project?

In any case the only feasible solution would be to create a brand new project, add all references to controls and com objects you use in the project and then try to add each form, class, module, etc individually. Chances are that most of them you will be able to add to your new project without any problems, these which will not you will have reconstruct from scratch. More likely, binary form files (.frx) got corrupted and in such a cases you will need to create a new form, add, named and position all controls on the form and then you can copy all your code for these forms from their .frm files which are just text files and can be opened with Notepad.exe.

Just a good advice, purchase a cheap UPS device ($50 @ Costco) and connect your computer and monitor to this device. In case of power failure it will give about 4 minutes to save your work. This will save you a lot of headaches in the future.

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