i have a project that i want to do and i was wondering if it can be done using Aglets.

As i understood from an article about Aglets, we can create many servers by assigning different port numbers to each. but all the servers will the have the SAME ip address.

i want to design a routing algorithm using agents that will run on a MANET (Mobile Adhoc Network). so i want to send codes instead of the regular client/server mechanism..

can i do that using aglets ? i mean, can i do the simulation using aglets? put in another way, can i create many servers and assign EACH a different IP address??

no idea, sure maybe this one can hepl you http://www.trl.ibm.com/aglets/about_e.htm
but carrefully reads this line "Last modified 14 March, 2002" on page bottom, and maybe works and on todays PC with Java 6

ask author for support