Hey guys, I am thinking about creating a sudoku game in VB in order to improve my programming skills and as I am quite new to VB I was wondering would it be best to try this task using labels and text boxes or a felxigrid?

Thanks in advance.

I would actually go with a control array of picture box's. This way, you could use pictures in the box's to represent the numbers, and if you wanted to give different styles or themes, it would be a breeze. If that seems a bit too complicated, go with the labels...

Thanks for your advice. :)

I have decided to go with labels and text boxes but I have come across one problem if the user wants to enter a number in the first label and to do this they enter it into a text box then click a command button how can I allow them to choose which label the number will go into?

If you have the label's in a control array, it's easy enough to make a function in the click event of the label, and have it change the label to the number in the textbox.... You might consider checking out the attached project, which makes a textbox dragable, so that you can drag the entered number to the label in question. Let me know if this helps any.

Thanks for the advice, the attached program was a good example of what can be done. I think I will now look into the click event like you suggested.

Thanks again.

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