hello.. me and my groupmates are currently taking up assembly language programming course.. as a final requirement in our laboratory course, we are asked to choose one out of four machine problems to solve... we are desperately in need of help because we do not know how to solve the given problems.. this is because we lack of proper instructions and lessons from our lecture course... the problems are stated below, and if you have time to create the source code for any of the problem, please do so... any kind of help will be greatly appreciated... thanks in advance for those kind people... God bless you all...

these are the problems:

1. Multi -Threading Simulation in 16bit.
The simulator will virtually divide the screen in 4 windows. The lower right column will act as task manager. Each task will run independently in each window. The task is can be among the following:
a) Start
b) Running
c) Stop
d) Pause

2. Event-Trigger Simulation in 16bit
The simulator will start by running the trigger program. The TRIGGER program will stay in the memory and can be deactivated any time. The other is an EVENT program. The task of the event program is to tell the trigger that there is an event occurring event. For example time event if the event sends a message that it is time to stop, the trigger will stop accepting events.

3. Printer Port Mirror
The printer port mirror is a program that will act as printer mirror of a PC. Once the user sends a file to be print in the printer queue, the printer mirror will display the file contents on the screen.

4. File-send using Ports;
This program is capable of sending file to the network using port addresses.

have had a look at the options and id say 1 or 3 would be easier, but if you are struggling you should see the teacher. if you post code you are working on then we can help you! :)