Hello To All Programmer:),,,im a beginner plzz help to make this program..

Make a program of am institution using manual system flow and convert it to computerized system using Turbo C program..:S

the institution is Boutuque..

plzz help me...TY programmer,,

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Welcome to the forum, Nurkan! ;)

The way it works here, is YOU need to show some work on this program, and post your code up. Tell us what is giving you problems.

Then we try to help.

We are not a "homework done for you", kind of forum.

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im very sorry...im new to this site...
very sorry...


No worries, Nurkan. We just get a LOT of requests from students who want us to take their assignments, and do them for them.

Our second gripe, is with posters who put up code, but somehow, someway, don't see the [code] tag icon in the forum editor.

So their code looks like shit to study. Always use code tags when you post code. (Just click on the [code] icon in the editor, and then paste your code between the two tags it puts into your editing reply box). It really lets your code look good if you indent your code reasonably.

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