Ok I was wondering if anyone could help me with how to make a python program interact with files. Copying, pasting, moving, things like that, opening. If it cant really be discussed quicky are there any good tutorials? Mainly a organinzing python program.(looks for a certain file extention, then moves it to a desegnated folder)

Advice and help grately apprecated :cheesy:

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The module shutil has copy(from, to) and move(from, to) for your file operations.

Uh..... *drools*

Sorry but i am a noob with this and the only things I've made was a Hello World Program and a specilzied calcultor that does caluclations for the popular internet game Runescape.

Here is a code snippet of a typical file copy ...

# copy a file to another folder or to another filename
# copy2() retains original date/time, copy() does not

import shutil

# make sure folder and file exists
sourcefile = "D:/Python24/Atest/Audi.jpg"

# destination-folder has to exist
destinationfile = "C:/Temp/Audi.jpg"

    shutil.copy2(sourcefile, destinationfile)
except IOError:
    print "File or folder does not exist!"
    print "File successfully copied!"
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