Hi ,
I am facing with a bizzare situation here .The problem is when I write my own program , I can debug it .But when there are two or more programmers and if I am one of them , I cant program or debug the program .I feel scared as if I am doing it right or wrong and Most importantly , I cant understand my partners code.Its hampering my programming career.
Does any body have the same issue ?

Do they use meaningful variable/method names? Do they comment code? Do you have a general idea what the code is trying to do?

Reading others code is a skill you'll get better at with practice. Having partners who write clear code with meaningful names and comments helps (which they should be doing).

You can always take a code snippet from this site and try to figure it out. Post questions with the relevant code (and what you think it does) to see if you are correct.

Momerath hit the nail on the head. In the C# course I'm presently doing, meaningful names and liberal commenting are stressed to no end. As is sensible code structure such as declaring block variables at the top of the methods for easy finding. Might help to bang heads with partners and decide how everyone might aim to the same goal on these things to make code maintenance a little less painful.