M designing d RFID based LIbrary management system.

For d same i have designed n entire software in VB6.0 and DB as MS ACCESS..

A RFID reader will b connected to a RS232 port of computer..

so weneva a TAG is detected by RFID reader, the information of dat tag should gotta save in VB forms and Feild


Tag detected!---> fields like
unique ID

fields should logged

Private Sub Command1_Click()
With MSComm1
'make sure the serial port is open
If .PortOpen = False Then .PortOpen = True
'send the data (including a tailing carriage return as often needed)
.Output = ChrW(&HAA) & ChrW(&H0) & ChrW(&H4) & ChrW(&H10) & ChrW(&H6) & ChrW(&H0) & ChrW(&H0) & ChrW(&H12) & ChrW(&HBB) & vbCr
End With 'MSComm1
With Text2
'place the focus back to the textbox
'select the current text to be overwritten
.SelStart = 0
.SelLength = Len(.Text)
End With 'Text1
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()
With MSComm1
'make sure the serial port is not open (by this program)
If .PortOpen Then .PortOpen = False
'set the active serial port
.CommPort = 2
'set the badurate,parity,databits,stopbits for the connection
.Settings = "9600,N,8,1"
'set the DRT and RTS flags
.DTREnable = True
.RTSEnable = True
'enable the oncomm event for every reveived character
.RThreshold = 1
'disable the oncomm event for send characters
.SThreshold = 0
'open the serial port
.PortOpen = True
End With 'MSComm1
With Text1
'set the properties for the displaying textbox
.BackColor = vbCyan
.Locked = True
.Text = ""
End With 'Text1
With Text2
'set the properties for the 'send' textbox
.TabIndex = 0
.Text = ""
End With 'Text2
With Command1
'set the properties for the 'send' command button
.Caption = "&Send"
.Default = True
.TabIndex = 1
End With 'Command1

End Sub
Private Sub Form_Resize()
Dim sngWidth As Single, sngHeight As Single
Dim sngDisplayHeight As Single
Dim sngTxtWidth As Single
Dim sngCmdWidth As Single, sngCmdHeight As Single
'calculate the inner size of the form
sngWidth = ScaleWidth
sngHeight = ScaleHeight
With Command1
'resize and reposition the command button
sngCmdHeight = .Height
sngCmdWidth = .Width
sngDisplayHeight = sngHeight - sngCmdHeight
sngTxtWidth = sngWidth - sngCmdWidth
.Move sngTxtWidth, sngDisplayHeight, sngCmdWidth, sngCmdHeight
End With 'Command1
'resize and reposition the label
Text1.Move 0, 0, sngWidth, sngDisplayHeight
'resize and reposition the textbox
Text2.Move 0, sngDisplayHeight, sngTxtWidth, sngCmdHeight
End Sub

Private Sub MSComm1_OnComm()

Dim strInput As String
Dim Dec_Value
With MSComm1
'test for incoming event
Select Case .CommEvent
Case comEvReceive
'display incoming event data to displaying textbox
strInput = .Input

Text1.SelText = strInput
End Select
End With 'MSComm1

End Sub

plz tell me how to use dis code :)

I went through your app (nice). I do however not see where you want to use the reader. Is it to load new books, students, not sure?

Let me know, I'll help where possible.

I want to add new Reader realted form dere only...

Like wenever the tag is detected information such as

should get load in respective Text fields

Sorry, I do not give my mail address for correspondence.:)

Have a look at THIS link with tonnes of solutions and scenarios.

I am busy writing a sample that you can use. Will post in about ten minutes.

Have a look at the attached AND the picture in the attachment. Enjoy the sample.

hey thanx a lot brother :)

i tested it and its working fine..

so now after connecting d RFID reader to RS232 terminal and if tag is detected, it will show d tag ID

Correct, it will show the id. Now just use your data code to manipulate the data to save or load student detail etc.:)

Please mark this as solved, thanks.

hi! can you help me?
i will be doing an id system using rfid. Upon scanning the rfid tag, the reader will send a text message. how is this?
thanks! :)

@learomualdo, please refrain from hijacking others threads. This belongs to another member. You need to open your own thread and ask your question there. We will then help in solving your problem.

Also to your problem, the above is answering your question. Just do some effort and read the actual attachments.


hey i want to assign a unique RFID address to a person.

example if tag name is 001234A79FF i want dat weneva dis tag is detected, the FORM should show that this TAG belongs to ASHISH VYAS.

After that, a new book TAG is intoduced, den it Must SHOW C and OOPS by A.K.KANETKAR

and so on..

kindly gimme the code, so dat i can maintain the Database by TAGs and Names

@ashvyas, Your question is a total new subject. Please open a new thread, we will answer from there.

We will however not answer until this thread is marked as solved, found at the bottom of this page.

please send me rfid based library management system using vb and ms access project on this email id syedtraderbhk@gmail.com

i also need rfid based library management system

kindly send me here: ammar.ashraf2211@gmail.com

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