Hello friends,
I am trying to play music through turbo c++.I used Irrklang sound library 1.3.0.
But while compiling i get an error saying "unable to include IK_IRRKLANGTYPES.h" and other header files. Should i change anything in header files? Is there any other way to play music in turbo c++? can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance.

I cant say i know anything about turbo c++ and playing music with it but i would be willing to bet in your project options there is somehwere to add additional includes directories, use that to add the path to where the libary you want to use keeps its .h files. you may also need to link in some .dll's or lib's these are done in a similar way, your project settings will have somehwere to add additional libary directories and somewhere to specify which ones to link in.

Sorry i cant be of more help or more specific but hopefully this gives you something to try, the best advice i guess is just browse through the options and menu's and see what you can find.

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