OK so here's my problem. I am a really new programmer, and my instructor has been giving us assignments that most of us are not exactly ready for. We have this assignment, and I honestly have NO IDEA where to even begin. Bottom line, I need help. Here is the assignment:

Create a terminal based application that simulates a bank ATM. The application should :

Support authentication by the use of a fixed length numeric pin
Support numeric menu system
Support checking balances in checking and savings account
Support withdrawl from both check and savings account
Support deposit to only the checking account
Support transfer between checking and savings account
Code should be Object Oriented
Application should run forever until the user chooses to exit.

Pretty crazy to ask of a student who just got introduced to C++ a month ago amirite? Here is what I am asking: Give me some commented code to point me in the right direction. I assure you, I WILL NOT just copy your code and submit it. My teacher is apparently very adept at sniffing out copy cats. I truly truly truly want to learn this stuff. Please please please help me.


No, because you're not always going to have someone to take you through a project step by step before you have to do it. You likely have a textbook and certainly have the internet if you don't know how to do something.

No one is going to give you code without you showing some effort first. If it's object oriented, start by creating an Account class and I'm sure you can get a general skeleton going for your menu system in main.

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