when you have a variable and you are not using it at all in the code... i.e you forgotten about this particular member

well in eclipse there is something that indicates that, that particular member is unused... some exclamation mark or something....

my question is, is there such a feature in netbeans? i mean i know that in Netbeans you can highlight a member and do <ALT-F7> then netbeans shows you where it is being used... this is all well and good when you want to find out where that particular member is used... but it doesnt explicitly shows that a member is unused... but perhaps there is such a feature in netbeans that i dont know about...

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I use netbeans 5.0, and I see your point, but I doubt there is anything. But sometimes when I set up a data structures, I have lots of variables I don't use, and I only get round to using them later on.
I don't think it would help that much, to see if a variable is being used, you could always comment out where it is declared, then run the program, if it crashes, you'll see where its being used.


hmm... you you are faced with the same problem... nggghhh...
im in a process of generating a java doc... pro my project and i've got some unused variables there and have to do what you have suggested... i think this is a pain in the A**E.... Netbeans should add this feature to their new IDE (speaking of which anyone used 5.5 yet) also whats with compiling... Eclipse doesnt need to compile... when you save a file it compiles it... :)

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