Hi. I would like to achieve an effect similar to how strings in between the quotation marks in Visual C# are colored. I would like to italicize the text for anything between two asterisks (Including the asterisks themselves) inside a RichTextBox. For example:

This is not counted *This is counted* This is not *This is*

Would I use regular expressions to do this, or would i have no way of changing the text style back in the RichTextBox that way. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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This method will allow you to italicize between any two characters. You can even specify a starting point if you want (works for .Net 4.0, otherwise remove the '= 0' default specifier and it will work under anything, but you'll have to provide all three parameters).

private void Italics(RichTextBox r, char m, int s = 0) {
    int end;
    int start;
    bool more = true;

    while (more) {
        start = r.Text.IndexOf(m, s);
        end = r.Text.IndexOf(m, start + 1);
        if (start >= 0 && end > start) {
            r.SelectionStart = start;
            r.SelectionLength = end - start + 1;
            r.SelectionFont = new Font(r.SelectionFont, FontStyle.Italic);
        } else {
            more = false;

        s = end + 1;

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