Hello everyone

I have an windows application proj which contains 4 to 5 forms and an database in it. One form performs insertion operation, other performs search operation and other form displays data from DB. Now how to find the total memory or the minimum memory required for this app to run. I need to get the memory usage by all forms in the proj even when only one form is active .

I have used process.privatememorysize64, but will this give the memory used by all the 4 forms or will it give the memory used by the current active form.

Thank You

It gives the current memory usages. If you don't have objects created for the forms, then it doesn't include them in the size. If you want maximum memory usage you'll have to create all the objects that could ever be created by your code before you check memory size.

I'm not sure why you are worried about memory usage. Unless you are manipulating a lot of data in memory, you won't come close to the size of memory of a modern system.

Thanks ...... I am working on my project in which i need to crash the application, so for the purpose i need to know the minimum memory required for the application to run