I've seen some older posts about getting application errors, and one of the later posts sounds like something i have but it wasn't answered/couldn't find it

couple days ago i started getting the application errors with numbering like...0x1000116e..etc... and would have 'click ok to terminate' ; 'click cancel to debug'...but nothing would happen. I'm running windows xp, and this started just with IE and then started to happen with everything...eventually i wasn't able to open anything.

I restarted my computer and it would load up to the "windows is loading" screen, get stuck there and then that same message would pop up.
I was able to restart it in safe mode with networking once, but then after that the error message came up even in that mode as well.

I don't know if this is hardware related and something got totally fried or what. Any help would be awesome, thanks

A quick search with that error number shows that you likely have a memory problem. With power off first try reseating the sticks, and then restarting. If that has no effect then if you have multiple sticks try removing one or the other.
A lot of good memory brands carry lifetime guarantees - off to the shop.
Remember, power off... and ground your hands to the chassis before touching the sticks.

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