guys i have a serious problem my cmd is not under my control as a virus has taken the power. now i want to format my entire drives completely with some .bat file. i am unable to do it with windows disk coz the virus is very talented to come back again after format of all drives with the boot disk. so now i want to create a .bat file which formats all drives of my pc without prompting. if it stops to prompt again the virus closes the cmd and i fail again. please please please please please please please help im almost in tears with that beady virus, its spoiling my laptop.

tried it bro not successful so i want to go this way for formattin later i can install windows

Go to BIOS (either F2, enter, space, F1 or something similar at the very beginning of the boot process) and make sure that the cd/dvd is the first item in the boot order.

Okay? So boot from cd/dvd and format your drives from there. A virus can't "interfere" with that unless it's a "BIOS" virus in which case you're screwed anyway.

that's what even i was trying to explain that it was a boot virus as i dint no exact word for it.

which shop for a e-waste shop or what..................

A repair shop. It is possible to get the BIOS updated (if that's what it is). I have no idea what it is you're actually seeing (and you seemingly don't either, not really), so let a "professional" look at it.

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