im really stuck with this program as i was sick when this unit was covered and havent a clue on how to write it *crys* and i dont get it done iv been told i cant do the course for next year dispite passing everything else.

level 1
1. get firstname
2. get secondname
3. generate name

level 2
1. get firstname
2. get secondname
3.1 get first initial converted to lowercase
3.2 join first initial to slowercase last name
3.3 count number of characters in username
3.4 if number of characters is more than 8
3.5 use the first 8 characters
end if
3.6 print username


Everything you need is on those two pages. Post what you have as we aren't a homework service.

*shutters* ...homework


Not sure I understand what you need to do. Where are you getting the data from? Do you enter it or retrieve it from some file or server source?