How about a list suggestions of a beginning to a end of projects for instance:

Start at HelloWorld document found at* to learn how to setup Java
then try this project ...... to learn basic foundation of syntax
then try this project ...... to learn basic classes
then try this project ...... to learn arrays and arraylists
and keep adding to it for beginners once we can properly do this set how about intermediate then advanced projects.

I am in college and am learning Java and some times would like to actually have a good reference to look back at as I am new to this and something of this sort would help alot on mastering each aspect of java!or regrasping something already covered that I think I might be lacking in!

@Acklox I moved your post out of the sticky since what was asked

Please don't post "spam" or "Thank you" posts in this thread since this is meant to be used as a guide for all beginners and I am sure we would like it to be on topic. I hope you understand this.

as you trying to open discussion.

The thing is there is already plenty of material out there books, videos, blogs, websites. It is only up-to students to reach out and get it. To create another tutorial will mean to reinvent the wheel (since there are tutorials out there), plus to write good tutorial it takes time. The time is your own one and you choose what to do with it. If there is somebody who wants to do it, then do it by all the means if you want to. If the product will be quality material we are happy to promote it

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