i have two programs..
say 1) intermediate.c ( which creates and intermediate file )
2) result.c ( which creates final csv file)..

is it possible when i execute second program, first automatically generate the intermediate file which is being used in second program?

Yes, if you have a multi-core processor then its possible to run both programs at the same time but I'm uncertain of how you would get the operating system to coordinate or make sure that when one is running then run the other...A better solution would be one program that has two threads.

Depending on your O/S, look up the system's Execute functions. There should be one that allows you to execute Program 1 and wait until it exits.

Other option is to run Program 1 and just before it exits, start program 2 with system()

okay thank you..
can i find any documents regarding this problem?

Probably. GOOGLE finds a lot of stuff for me.