I have a bunch of DGVs on a fairly complex form. All DGVs are generated at runtime and filled programatically, and all works OK except when the user enters new data in a new grid row and clicks on save.

The form then will not close until the user goes back to the row in question, changes the text and presses enter.

The whole issue seems to center around the enter key being pressed after the edit.

I have tried many flavours of endedit, sendkeys etc, but still stumped.

Any ideas more than welcomed.



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piece of code please

and isn't it looping somewhere
cause if you have Sub or Class that are Trigger by CellContentChanged and it starts to loop then you might me caught in infinite loops or the process that is caused by cellcontentChanged will interferer with the rest of you program and will make it unclose able
if that last of is the problem then there is not much to do about it.