Hi guys..I try to automate outlook..it works great ..the problem is that I use office14 at home, and my company (where I need my program to work) uses office12...
I was told that to make it possible to run on office12 and later, I need to get msoutl.olb from office12.
Unfortnatelly, when I remove all references, and add msoutlb.olb from office12,
solution manager makes microsoft.office.core reference to ver14 :(
the same with microsoft.office.interloop.outlook.
It makes it impossible to work on older version than 14 :(
Please help!

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Do you use the 'browse to DLL' option when adding the references? Or pick the references from the .NET tab?


Ok I have found a solution.
I have found office2003PIA on M$ site...I have unpacked dlls with far manager..
and added both dlls with browse option...
Now it works :)

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