please help me guys!

vb doesnt apply the changes ive made on a certain form, whenever i play debug, i cant see the changes ive made :(

even though ive changes the codes and added new controls, i cant really see them when i debug the application. heres an example:

ive changed a button1_click from to and yet when i debug the application, the button 1 still shows form 7 when ive already changed it to form 9,

please, this is very urgent! im hoping for your quick response! thanks!

Hi kaze,

Just try this, maybe it can help.

Please Go to menu Tools - Options - check the Show all settings checkbox. then in the right pane, find the "Enable Just my Code (Managed only)" check box, then if it's checked, then unchecked it.

On the Build menu - click Clean ProjectName - then click build ProjectName and finally start debugging.

Good Luck!

"Charlie P."

thanks WHchaz1027, but im using vb 2010, and i cant seem to find "Enable Just my Code (Managed only)" on the right pane of the Options menu even though ive checked the show all settngs checkbox. and theres no build menu in vb 2010, please help me! :(

Did you see the "Show all settings" checkbox? maybe they changed the term but its the same in use. when it's checked, in the left pane, expand "+Debugging" and click "General" then you must see the "Enable just my code" checkbox now.