My program is just a simple Quiz game (100% running) w/ 50 questions. My question is do i really need to flowchart all 50 Question? All 50 Questions got the same format. Printf, Input Answer, If,else if statement and so on. I hope you can help me and give me some tips. I'm not really familiar w/ flowcharting since my prof did'nt teach us that much/

thanks all

That completely depends on what the prof wants. He's the best one to ask. My gut feeling is no, just flowchart first, second, and last.

Thanks for the quick reply. because it will take atleast 25 pages just for the flowchart of questions w/ the same format.. THANKS A LOT!!!!!!!

I got another question. How do I draw a Do-While Loops? Rectangular(process) or Diamond(Decision).. plss help

Both. Isn't a loop a decision with processes inside the loop?

thanks U THE MAN.. I hope u can help me w/ my future problems. Atm All solve. Im a 1st year programming student.. ^^ w/ a not really good Teacher >.<

I can certainly try to help in the future. Just make sure the title of your thread is an informative one. I rarely even look at non-info titles like "Help me" or "This isn't working".