I was just wondering what might be the path to load jar file from c sharp project folder.

Currently the path I'm using is

String strJarFilePath1 = "C:\\Users\\xxxx\\Downloads\\ss\\ss.jar";

which works perfectly

If I place this ss.jar in project folder by the name WindowsFormsApplication1

what might be the path?

I tried using

String strJarFilePath1 = "@WindowsFormsApplication1.ss.jar";

String strJarFilePath1 = "\\ss.jar";

String strJarFilePath1 = "..\\..\\ss.jar";

please help me out


Where is the file in relation to your executable?


It is in the same folder actually if you mean the supporting files

If it's the same directory as the executable it's

String strJarFilePath1 = "ss.jar";

that worked thanks

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