Hey Im just wondering if anyone could help me with this timer project Im working on...

The purpose of this project is to keep tract of the time a classroom of students is working, not working and then total time of the class.

So far I have only the seconds countdown to the non working class timer but dont know how to make the minutes timer start when the seconds timer gets to 59 sec. my code for that is

Private Sub btnClassNotWorking_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnClassNotWorking.Click

SS1 = Seconds 
MM1 = Minutes 
HH1 = Hours 

        If x > 0 Then
            x = 59
            CMR.Enabled = True
            MessageBox.Show("Times Up")
        End If
        Dim MM1 As Integer

       ''''' Dim SS1 As Integer
        '''''''If SS1 = 0 Then
           ''''' 'MM1 = 59
        '''''  'CMR.Enabled = True
       ' '''Else
            '''''MessageBox.Show("Times UP")

        '''''End If
    End Sub

If anyone has any ideas Id love the help, Thanks......

Here is another idea... instead of using timer for tracking time, why not use system. time on start and when something occurred (like class is not working) to recalculate time difference between start and current time? Even if you like to check time difference continually you can add timer and on timer event check time difference for whatever task you like.You will need at most 1 timer and 3-4 variables.

Sound to me as if you either
1) haven't explained what you're trying to do properly (I'm lost)
2) haven't designed the concept well enough to start programming.

Having a timer for SECONDs and another for MINUTEs shows you haven't thought through the task. Based on what I understand, you only need one timer total for the whole project.

Thanks, and yeah sorry its hard to explain it... This is the post for the project.
'Your task is to design a program to control an elementary class by running a triple display timer
' to show an accumulation of time in two registers. The "Class Mode Register" (CMR) will be running when the
' class is on task and the "Down Time Register" (DTR) will run when the class is off task. A third register
'will show Remaining Class time (RCR).

'This project is have 3 6-digit displays (HH:MM:SS format). Each register will be made up of three 2-digit
'displays. Second and Minute single digits are to be shown with a preceding 0. The third register will run
'continuously starting at 45 minutes and all timers will stop when the RCR reaches 0.

'When the class arrives, the DTR will be running indicating that they need to settle down and be ready for
'class. When they are ready, the instructor will press the keyboard and cause the DTR to stop and the will
'CMR run. If the class goes off task, the instructor presses the keyboard and the CMR will stop and the DT
'will run. If the class becomes exceptionally disruptive, the instructor will press a button to add 1 minute
'to the DTR. This press can add 1 minute when either timer is running. The CMR and the DTR will never run at
' the same time.

All you need it 1 timer. It can control all 3 timers.

Think through the problem at your desk -- how to control only the RCR first.

Once you have the RCR, add the DTR. What can you do to cause the DTR to stop and start?

Think through the problem away from the computer. Completely understand what to do, then program it.

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