I have been tasked with trying to troubleshoot a VB6 problem with communication to a bar code scanner a CiMax 7500a running a PCC program. The scanner has worked for quite a while now and the same program that has worked for years does not work with it anymore. The software on the 7500a scanner is obsolete as well which adds to my programming problems. When the program is run I get an error that says " runtime error '429' ActiveX component cannot create object" and states that the line of code in question is Set CommServer = CreateObject(Ci.Tcp.Server) Any ideas on what might be causing this error would be appreciated. I am not very experienced with Visual Basic 6, so any simplification in explanations would prove beneficial.



The problem is because of the software of the scanner (may be the driver) is corrupted. Try to completely re install the software of the device.

Also check if the reference to the scanner components is removed accidentally from Project---> references