Hi, can anyone tell me how the below three logic gates work:
AND Gate
NOT Gate
OR Gate

Basically all I need to know is, if the logic gates is an AND gate: when provided with inputs A and B, the user must calculate the output C.

I am trying to look online for help and tutorials on logic gates etc.. but if anyone has any information to help me with, it will be much appreciated


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Think this should be in the Computer Science section....

Logic gates are used inside a computer to give different outputs when certain states are met. This is a pretty good tutorial a quick search on Google gave me...


If you want to know more there is also a great book by Linda Null and Julia Lobur named, Computer organization and Architecture. You can pick up an older version on the cheap from Amazon which explains things very well

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Good info.

Perhaps by using some boolean and logic operators in C#, you could write a logical gate simulator in C#!

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AND gate works just as && operator mean the access will be given if an only if both the statements are true in A, B, C for C will only be true when A and B both will be true.

OR gate works as || operator mean output C will be true when either of B or C will be true.

NOT gate will output true when the input will be false it works as != in programming environment e.g. if we give input A as false only then output C will be True

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