7. The parity of a binary number is defined as:
The parity of a binary number depends on the number of 1 bits in the number
parity is "even" if there are an even no of 1s in the number and "odd" otherwise:
e.g. parity of 0011001100110011 is even.
Draw the truth table for a logic function that takes a three bit binary number and produced an output that is 0 for even parity and 1 for odd parity.

8. Draw the logic diagram for a circuit that implements the function in question 7.

I drew the truth table

0 0 0 | 0
0 0 1 | 1
0 1 0 | 1
0 1 1 | 0
1 0 0 | 1
1 0 1 | 0
1 1 0 | 0
1 1 1 | 1

Does my truth table correct?
How to draw the logic diagram for this?

Thanks in Advance

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This seems to be your homework,.. Help yourself, use the karnaugh maps,.. it would be really easy..
If you want to know about K-maps, check at: Wikipedia

thnx fr coming....
ths s not my homework.....i dng past papers for the comng tuesday's exm....
only ths qn confusing....
i am dng computer science fundamental course....just basic stuffs frm cs...
ths kind of qn confusing...
i hope my truth table is correct acrdng to my knowledge

i just want to know how to draw logic diagram fr ths kind of questions...this is looking different fr me....

I want to know whether i can solve ths just with the AND OR XOR NOT....or is there any different way to do....

similar to ths qn i posted another qn

I think v hav to use full adder here...is tht?

thnx agn


Yes you can solve this just with AND OR XOR NOT.

Moreover, because NOT(a) is XOR(A,A), you don't need NOT. Similar reasoning will show you tnat you don't need AND or OR, either, so long as you have XOR.

If, on the other and, you don't have XOR, then you need NOT and either AND or OR.

commented: he helped me to solve my self without the answer +1

thank u very much bro
i gt it
(a XOR b) XOR c

thnx again

A sequential circuit has two D flip flops A and B, two inputs x and y and one output z. Flip flops input equations and the circuit output are as follows;
DA = x'y' + y'A
DB = y'B + xA
z = B'
(i) Draw the logic diagram of the table.
(ii)Tabulate the state table.

Introduction of example of boolean algebra with truth table : In boolean algebra we simplify the expressions using boolean algebra properties and for verification we make the truth table of ..

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