Hi everybody. I have created an application using vb.net 2008 and for reports Crystal Reports Basic for Visual Studio 2008 but the problem is, when I run the application in another machine away from developing box, I get the Load report failed notice. I don't have any idea on how I should approach this issue. I tried installing the CRRedist2008_x86 and CRRedist2005_x86 but still the problem won't go away.Any help will be highly appreciated.

Everything always works in development system.

Ensure that you are passing the proper file name.

Lets know first how you have connected / calling CR from your apps.

You can check your references. In the toolbar, click Project -> [projectname] Properties -> References Tab. In here, check the boxes in the bottom window to include any namespaces that you need to be included in the final project. I had this same problem, and just checked every box that used Crystal Reports (there are probably some that do not matter) and that seemed to work.

Hopefully this helps.

@bklynman01. I restored the System to a previous date and did what you said it has worked for sometime.. I will give it a day or two and see how it reacts then i will let you know.. Thanks a million..