i am currently running Mac OS 10.5 and i have written and fully debugged (nothing in the command line) a large python script.

i am wondering how am i able to create an app for the program. i do not understand the lingo of how to install different libraries and i would appreciate a walkthrough.
what i am looking for is a way to make my program run independant of the version of python and other packages installed. i would prefer to have it platform independant but if that is not possible than mac would be the operating system of choice

To be able to distribute your python programs you need a program that can help you bundle together all the modules, libraries, dlls, and other stuffs you used during your program. such programs are py2exehttp://www.py2exe.org, pyinstallerhttp://www.pyinstaller.org, e.t.c, they are all open source and are readily available for download no strings attached, their tutorials are also available in their homepages.
Just walk through it, i haven't used it myself, but have all the packages.